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The First producer and exporter of Under Vehicle Scanning System in Iran:. RAHBAN UVSS.:

Rahban License Plate Recognition

Rahban Vehicle License Plate Recognition is one the best options for controlling the public, Residential condos, Offices and …Parking. By having 7 years of experience we will lead you to the finest choice


Rahban under vehicle Scanner

Rahban under vehicle Scanning System by using cutting-edge technology is the number one selection for controlling vehicles in security zones


مجموعه کاملی از تجهیزات و نرم افزار های کنترل تردد

مجموعه نرم افزار و سخت افزارهای امنیتی و کنترل تردد راهبان در خدمت امنیت شماست

One the principle concerns that huge places face is controlling the visitors and vehicles. Mostly this is followed by security guards and manually. Under vehicle Scanning System "UVSS" and License Plate Recognition "LPR"is a wise choice for proceeding this goal automatically


High Speed and no need to stop

No need to stop for controling with RAHBAN Under Vehicle Scanning System

Storing the information and the ability of reporting

Storing whole information of Rahban UVSS in a main server and reporting with Rahban LPR
One the best furtive places to hide goods in cars is under the vehicle. This is in addition a very difficult spot to be observed. Under vehicle Scanning System "UVSS" does this process with high quality photos with great resolution and colored images straightforward
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اخبار روز دنیای حفاظت، امنیت و کنترل تردد

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